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Staron Countertops
The Practical Countertop With The Elegant Look
Staron® 100% acrylic solid surface countertops can enhance the appearance of any kitchen or bathroom. Available in more that 50 colors and variety of edge details and inlay options, Staron® is easily coordinated with a home's new or existing fixtures and paint colors.

Despite Staron's® elegance it’s a surface that's practical and easy to maintain. If the surface is ever scratches, it's easily repaired with a mild abrasive cleanser or a light-duty kitchen scrubbing pad. Staron® is also nonporous with smooth, impenetrable seams, so germs and dirt have nowhere to accumulate.
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EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm
Due to the new EPA LEAD law, after April 22, 2010 only EPA RRP Certified Firms may work on pre 1978 Homes or Buildings. J. Dougherty & Son is an EPA RRP certified firm.